Dr. Samir Aboul-Hosn

Dr. Samir Aboul-Hosn Centenero (Núm Col.:36002) attended the Rovira i Virgili Univeristy (Tarragona) where he obtained his Degree in Medicine and Surgery, after that he completed a Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency at one of the leading centres in the country, Hospital de Bellvitge. Afterwards he completed his PhD diploma in Medicine with an “Excellent Cum Laude” honour for his work on 3D Technology applied to Orthognathic Surgery awarded by International University of Catalunya. Currently he is the Chief of the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit at the Plató Hospital in Barcelona, and he is also as an Associate Professor at the International University of Catalunya where he is involved in several ongoing lines of scientific investigation. In 2010, he also obtained the Degree as Specialist for the European Board of Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (EBOMFS) in recognition of all his academic and profesional achievements, as well as of several of his scientific articles published in Spanish and international specialized magazines. His education has always been complemented with stages in leading reference centres in the USA (Miami and New York) and Europeans (Brujes, Liege, Timisoara, Barcelona) heading his carrier towards the facial aesthetic surgery, the Orthognathic surgery (or dentoskeletal malformation), and oral implantology. Dr. Aboul-Hosn has been a guest lecturer at Spanish and international scientific events, he is member of several scientific societies (the Spanish and European Maxillofacial Surgery Societies) and he cooperates with NGOs for medical aid in third world countries.


Dr. Samir Aboul-Hosn Centero, specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Seven years as Head of the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of Plato Hospital in Barcelona, Associate Professor at the International University of Catalonia (UiC), director of ASiCirurgia (Esthetician Surgical Institute Surgery), doctor of medicine by UiC with the Thesis Technology 3d applied to orthognathic surgery. It is possible to emphasize exceptional qualities for the good performance of his profession as they are the rigor and the precision, the systematic work, the orientation to the results, high intuitive capacity, the tenacity, the logic and its restlessness to innovate and to investigate.





Revista Española de Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial

Planificación tridimensional y utilización de férulas Computer Aided Design/Computed Aided Manufacturing en cirugía ortognática Samir Aboul-Hosn Centenero.

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Primary Intraosseous Carcinoma and Odontogenic Cyst. Three new cases and review of the Literature

Los Carcinomas Intraoseos Primarios Odontogénicos (PIOC) son un raro grupo de tumores malignos con unos estrictos criterios diagnósticos clínicos y anatomo-patológicos. Las diferentes clasificaciones sugeridas para estos tumores y el escaso número de casos descritos en la literatura hacen difícil conocer con exactitud cuantos son los casos reales publicados hasta el día de hoy.

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Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española

Raro caso de metástasis parotídea por carcinoma renal de células claras 11 años después del diagnóstico inicial.

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Lemierre Syndrome associated with dental infections. Report of one case and review of the literature

La primera publicación de Síndrome de Lemierre fue en 1936 por Lemierre. Se define como una “infección bacteri- ana orofaríngea que se caracteriza por la tromboflebitis de la vena yugular interna, complicándose con embolismos sépticos sistémicos”.

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Prélèvement osseux tibial pour comblement osseux maxillaire en implantologie

We present an easy and quick technique of tibial bone grafting that can be used in maxillary bone losses, specially in implantology. The surgical technique is performed under general anaesthesia. A 1.5 cm skin incision is made on the anteromedial side of the tibia. Then the bone marrow can be approached through a cortical window drilled with a motorized trephine. At this stage, a disposable bone aspirator is used to collect the cancellous bone. At the end of the procedure, the periosteum, the subcutaneous tissues and the skin are sutured in three layers.

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Una rara complicación en la extracción del tercer molar inferior incluido. Caso clínico

Presentamos una rara complicación ocurrida tras el intento de extracción del tercer molar incluido en una consulta odontológica bajo anes- tesia local. El paciente requirió ingreso en el servicio de urgencias para la extracción, de forma urgente, de la pieza a través de un abordaje cervical bajo anestesia general e intubación nasaotraqueal por desplazamiento de la pieza hacia la fosa submandibular durante el intento de extracción ambu- latoria.

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Celulitis gangrenosa cervical complicada con mediastinitis. Caso clínico

Presentamos un caso clínico de celulitis gangrenosa cervical de origen odontógeno que progresó al espacio mediastínico, comentando la importancia de un tratamiento precoz y agresivo (quirúrgico y antibioterapia endovenosa). Discutimos la necesidad de realizar sistemáticamente traqueostomía, así como el momento de llevar a cabo la exodoncia de las piezas causantes del proceso infeccioso.

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Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery

3D planning in orthognathic surgery: CAD/CAM surgical splints and prediction of the soft and hard tissues results e Our experience in 16 cases.

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